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Poker: Different types of Poker

Poker (pronounced "peer") is a card game, also called "Texas Holdem", that requires two (or more) players who bid and place flop bets. A poker deck is a 52-card deck. The basic rules of poker are the similar to other games of cards. The highest hand wins while the weakest hand is awarded. Each bet p…

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Gambling Addiction: The Effects

Problem gambling is harmful to physical and mental health. Individuals that suffer from this addiction may experience pain as well as depression, discomfort insomnia, digestive disorders as well as a variety of mental health issues. As with all addictions, gambling addictions will frequently cause f…

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French Casinos

No other game has seen such a surge of popularity in the world of casino games. Some people even say that casino games are almost as popular than blackjack or poker. There are many reasons for this popularity. The most obvious is its low barrier to entry for those who understand the basics and its h…

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Where to Play Gambling in Las Vegas

The term casino is usually used to refer to any place where games of chance are played and where bets can be played. Casino could also mean the place where gamblers are permitted. Casinos (or gaming house) is typically an open-air place where gamblers engage in games of roulette or card games, bacca…

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